Los Cabos Journals

Los Cabos Vacation

An October 2005 trip to Los Cabos by Judy498

Quote: First time in Los Cabos and we loved it!

Fun in the Sun


This was our first trip to Mexico and we had such a great time. Our resort, (The Club Regina) was beautiful. I would just sit on our balcony and watch how beautiful the Sea of Cortez really is. The white sand beaches just go on for miles and miles. The average temperature was around 95 degrees. We went on the Sunset Cruise and saw the famous Arch and sea lions and Lover's Beach. The sunset there is spectacular. The food at the Tropicana in San Jose was Great! And the margarita's everywhere were great. I really loved Cabo San Lucas. We are going back in a year and I hope to see the whales on this trip. After reading some of the journals from other members, I would like to visit some of the other sites ...Read More