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Mystical Halong Bay

An October 2005 trip to Halong Bay by shammiyap

Sunset at Halong Bay Photo, Halong Bay, Vietnam More Photos
Quote: Two nights on board the Jewel Of The Bay in Halong Bay and a visit to the Surprising Cave have given me a breathtaking experience.

Mystical Halong Bay


Sunset at Halong Bay Photo, Halong Bay, Vietnam
Halong Bay, one of the declared UNESCO Sites, is ineed very amazing. Many people stay one night on board the old Chinese Junk so that they can catch the glimpse of sunrise and sunset, and to witness the different colours of the limestones throughtout the entire day. Famous for its natural wonders, limestones, and caves around the bay, Halong Bay offers a very calming and charming destination to consider for relaxing and rejuvenate.Kayak, a morning dip, sunbathing, climb up to the caves, with all-natural wonders around you all day long, what else can we ask for in life? The quietness of Halong Bay at night gives you peace of mind. With breezes brushing your cheeks, it feels...Read More
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The Junk has three levels: 1. Top - Where the sundeck is. This is where you can sunbathe and indulge in the natural beauty of Halong Bay and its charming scenery.2. Middle - Restaurant, living room, and bar. All meals are served here, where the living room is spacious and comfortable. There are bean bags around where you can play board games, chess, or read a book with a drink!3. Lower - Five guest roomsAll guest rooms are fully equipped with air-conditioning, hot water, ensuite bathroom, and clean bed, most importantly. Meals served on board are extremely yummy:Breakfast - Pastry, fresh food, cold cuts, and fresh eggsLunch - Seafood, fresh ...Read More

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