Big Bend National Park Journals

La Kiva

A November 2005 trip to Big Bend National Park by Max-Q

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Quote: The La Kiva (The Cave, in a combination of Spanich and a Native American language) is a remarkably family-friendly and charming restaurant/bar in West Texas.

La Kiva


Travel Photo by IgoUgo member
This is a charming, little out-of-the-way (no exaggeration there) place to make unforgettable memories by yourself, with friends, or even with family. Yes, La Kiva is a family- and kid-friendly place. A unique blend of the area geology, anthropology, and mystique, La Kiva looks like something out of a Star Wars planetary post restaurant (without the Dark Side). The cave-like atmosphere (and you will go by the tilted counter and DOWN the stairs to a man-made cave) provides a feeling of what it must have been like to feel secure in such a place when the wild creatures to the cretaceous era were loitering outside the cave door, some of which find themselves embedded in the walls of this man-mad...Read More