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Restaurant Fiasco

A November 2005 trip to Tijuana by Jose A. Barron

Quote: Fortune and misfortune at Palma Azul in Tijuana


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Restaurant | "Palma Azul"

Our fortune was to visit a new and beautiful restaurant that was very busy and had great atmosphere served by an excellent wait staff. Our misfortune was to encounter one of the owners smoking a foul-smelling cigar. Even though we were in the patio area, our clothes reeked of the smoke. We asked our waiter to request he put out his cigar. Not only did he not do so, but he passed several more times past our table, pausing to observe his surroundings while ignoring us completely. We asked our waiter to give us a table indoors, but since the restaurant was very busy that night, there were none available. We cancelled our dinner order and requested a check for our drinks. The waiters were very polite a...Read More

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Blvd. Salinas 11154
Tijuana, Mexico