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A November 2005 trip to Key West by nicknicknick

Quote: Brooklynite tries to reserve a room in Key West
One night I called the Caribbean House to try to make a reservation and left a voice mail. About two days later I sent an email to try to make a reservation, since I did not get a reply to the voice mail. About 2 days later (on Friday during normal business hours) I called again. The woman who answered said there was no availability for the weekend in question. I asked if the hotel checked their voice mails. The woman said yes. I asked if they return calls when there is no availability, and she said no! This is just a terrible way to run a business and treat potential customers. But it looks like a cute place at

Member Rating 1 out of 5 on November 11, 2005

Caribbean House
226 Petronia St.
Key West, Florida 33040