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India..the land of opposites

A travel journal to Mumbai by EriksA1

Quote: India is the only place I have been to where you either are filthy rich or dirt poor. Read on for details.

India..the land of opposites


The hotels are great, I must say. The upper classes of people that live there are so friendly and educated, that is why I say there is so much diversity within their society. So if you are a person who enjoys staying within the confinement of hotels and not venturing out, India is recommendable.

Quick Tips:

I would have a contact in India before you go, a business partner, a friend etc. You don't want to drive you car here there are many dangers that we don't have. Also do not give money to beggars. You might think you are helping them, but in reality I was told in India they answer to a Mafia who immediately takes the money that they receive.

Best Way To Get Around:

This is an oasis is the dismal scenes that plague India! It is nothing but luxury, luxury, luxury. The hotel people are very friendly and polite; they convince you that they love to serve you. They all speak English, so there is no strain and confusion. There are some great restaurants in there too like the waterfall cafe, which has some great Indian food, and there is also a Chinese restaurant. There is a great pool that looks like a lagoon, and you can even eat by the pool.

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The Leela Kempinski
Mumbai, India

India's Weather


People often have asked me about the climate in India, so I'm writing an entry about it! I always have gone in the fall or the winter, and the weather has always been tropical. This means palm trees everywhere, blue skies usually, and humid 80's temperatures. People from there say it is like that virtually all year round, though there is rain througout the year. Especially during the monsoon months which are, I think, May to September. So I would suggest travel in the non monsoon months.