Arusha Journals

Safari in Tanzania

A May 1999 trip to Arusha by Erin O

Quote: It is a spectacular country with beautiful scenery, friendly people, and loads of activities. We took a safari around the Ngorogoro Crater and saw a tremendous amount of wildlife. There are also other activities such as climbing, anthropological sites, and some extreme sports are also available.



I would recommend that you organise your safari when you get there, as it is much cheaper, although you should do it through a hotel just to ensure your safety. We went on safari in September, and there was every type of animal on view, so I would recommend going then. Gombe Stream is also within reach of Mwanza or Arusha and is also well worth a visit, although you don't get as close to the chimps as I had hoped. Around Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru there are lots of guided hikes available, and you can also go base jumping and hang-gliding. If you get the bus or train to Dar Es Salaam, you can go to Zanzibar by boat and take advantage of the gorgeous beaches and diving, which is supposed ...Read More