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It's not character...

An October 2005 trip to Port Aransas by davidjane

Quote: I would stay anywhere but this place. We actually stayed 2 days, then left because it was so bad. We've never done that before. The biggest problem was the bugs, including roaches, everywhere. The list of problems goes on and on.

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We met some people who recommended this place because it has "character." The problems with this resort do not fit my description of "character"--they just spell gross. They were as disgusted as us, and they hadn't even seen any bugs yet. My 4-year-old picked up a dead cockroach within 5 minutes of arriving. Later we found bugs on our newly unpacked clothing, in a water jug we washed out a few hours earlier, under our bed sheets, under the glass table as we were eating breakfast, on the kitchen counter, under my daughter's pillow, etc. Yuck! In addition, the carpet is badly stained in several places. The eating area light was just resting on the light bulb, and the couch is a stained futon. ...Read More