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A May 2005 trip to Uyuni by WitlessWanderer

Quote: Circumstances forced me to leave La Paz and dash south along the west side of Bolivia, hitting a few of the major sights on the way.
A spinoff from the Koala Tours agency in the centre of Potosi, this Aussie hostel offers a unique Bolivian experience - a warm, comfortable hostel.

Potosi, the highest city in the world, can get bitterly cold at night, but with the revolutionary advance of heating, you, too, can stay toasty warm.

The beds were the best I experienced in Bolivia and virtually guarantee a good night's sleep.

Breakfast was pretty good, and the wide collection of travel books allow you space to plan your journey.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on October 31, 2005

Potosi Silver Mines

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The wealth of the city of Potosi is not a complex tale of economic interaction and gentle growth. The mountain behind it is made of silver - it's worth a fortune. End of story. Despite the best of the silver being long gone, the mines are still operated by collectives of individual miners. Don't believe me? Go and see for yourself! Because you can. You can go and tour the mines, meet the miners, and get to know what their lives are like. You also get to blow stuff up, and that's always fun. First the tour leads you to the miners' market, where you stock up on presents for the miners, such as coca leaves, dynamite, and soft drinks. The soft drinks are important, as it's very hot (appro...Read More

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