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Panama City, Panama

An October 2005 trip to Panama City by CHARLOTTEGRANVILLE

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Quote: New restaurant La Posta was the greatest. It had a very tropical feel and was also the place to see and be seen in Panama City. There was a beautiful wood-panelled bar and ceiling fans, and it was in a a private house from the turn of the century. Centollo, a giant crab that they fly in every day from San Blas, was incredible.

La Posta


La Posta Photo, Panama City, Panama
Finally, Panama has a place that combines decor, food, and service into a very pleasurable experience. This is a very busy place in Panama, filled with locals and business travellers. La Posta is in a house from the turn of the century, with a long mahogany bar and ceiling fans that give it a very Hemingway-esque look. The food is simple but serious. They do much in a wood-burning oven and fly in fresh crabs and lobster every day from San Blas. One night we saw an exiled South American president there with his bodyguards! A little noisy, but it adds to the vibe. I am on my tenth trip to Panama and I eat here everytime. They have a web site

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La Posta
Calle 49 Bella Vista
Panama City, Panama
+507 269 1076