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Hotel Sun City in Santa Marta

An October 2005 trip to Santa Marta by allhadon

Quote: Best hostel in town

SunCity Hostel

Hotel | "SunCity Hotel"

This place is amazing, cheap (private rooms at $10USD, dorms at $4USD) but clean and comfortable. It's a really nice family that runs the place, and they indeed care (as opposed to the Miramar, where I stayed the 1st night). It's located in a safe area of town, next to nightlife (where the locals go) at the historic center, 3 minutes' walk to the beach. It's not a gringo hangout but where tourists from the inland come, year after year. I felt fortunate to have found this place. Check it out yourselves--you won't be disappointed.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on October 28, 2005

SunCity Hostel
Calle 18-3, #28
Santa Marta, Colombia
+57 54 211 925