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Beautiful Destination!

A September 2005 trip to Nikko by Mikey Bikey

Shinkyo Bridge  Photo, Nikko, Japan More Photos
Quote: I first visited Nikko in 1986. I had the opportunity to return almost 20 years later. I found it fantastic both times!

Beautiful Destination!


Shinkyo Bridge  Photo, Nikko, Japan
The World Heritage Monuments in Nikko are the thing to see. These are monuments built to famous dead people--mostly the last two shoguns. The National Park is pretty good, too, if you've got the time and want a more "natural" experience. The waterfall is nice, but it's one of those places where the Japanese must get their photo taken.Quick Tips: This makes a nice train trip from Tokyo, either as a day or overnight trip. It can also be used as a nice stop on a trip to northern parts of Japan. If you're staying for more than a few days in Tokyo, or headed north, I would say that this is a must-visit.Best Way To Get Around: A train to Nikko, either JR through Utsonomiya or the...Read More
Nikko Kanaya Hotel Photo, Nikko, Japan

This joint has been in operation for 130 years! It's a historical artifact! As a result, it's got a little character and shows a little wear and tear. But its location can't be beat -- right across the bridge from the temples in Nikko -- the closest accommodation to the temples. The rooms are "Western" (which means you sleep in beds, not on futons). There are other places to stay in Nikko. (I stayed at a Ryoken here 20 years ago). But the Kanays is probably the best choice in town, as long as you aren't bothered by a few eccentricities (such as a musty smell from the humidity in this part of Japan).

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Nikko Kanaya Hotel
1300, Kami-Hatsuishi-machi
Nikko, Japan 321-1401

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