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Santa Cruz Triathlon Weekend

A September 2005 trip to Santa Cruz by Nature Girl1

Quote: Having never spent any time in Santa Cruz, my friend Darlene and I drove from Carlsbad, California, north to "Santa Cruz Slug" region for the Women's Mermaid Triathlon.

Wine Tasting


Beginning on Main Street in the village of Soquel in the Santa Cruz Mountains, we started our wine adventures at Bargetto Winery. The winery is run today by the third generation of the Bargetto family. This makes the winery the oldest winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We next traveled a few miles down the road to Glen Haven Road to Hunter Hill Vineyard and Winery, which is a family-owned and -operated 6-acre estate vineyard and winery specializing in red wines. Pinot Noir, Old Vine Zinfandel, Syrah, and Estate Merlot are among the featured wines. Wine Stop #3 entailed our last wine tasting at Soquel Winery, where, interestingly enough, twin brothers Peter and Paul Bargetto with Jon Morgan are the pr...Read More

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Wine Tasting
Main Street / Glen Haven Road
Santa Cruz, California