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Cable Car Town

An August 2002 trip to San Francisco by go cards

Alcatraz Island/The Rock Photo, San Francisco, California More Photos
Quote: San Francisco can actually take your heart away. Chinatown had really great food. I usually ate at a certain Thai restaurant there. But Chinatown really has the smell of fish. I also enjoyed the cable car rides.

Cable Car Town



You know that you can’t go to San Francisco and not see the Golden Gate Bridge, but the best site to visit it is the side across the bridge, where there is some great shopping. Or take a boat tour to go underneath the bridge. Go to Fisherman's Wharf, where they have good seafood.

Quick Tips:

It's a really different city. I do wish I went on the boat tour inside of the bus ride.

Best Way To Get Around:

Use the cable cars, and get the pass for the cable car that rides for 3 days or more.

Alcatraz Island/The Rock

Attraction | "Alcatraz"

Alcatraz Island/The Rock Photo, San Francisco, California
It's a really old jail-type of thing. The boat ride there was fine. I'm not much of a historic person, but I like what it looked like

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Alcatraz Island/The Rock
San Francisco Bay
Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco 94133
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It's almost like you're in another place. But it's so cool, you look up and you can see billboards written in Chinese. It's really a good chance to see what another culture could be like.

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