Weston Journals

Weston (Near Ft. Lauderdale)

A July 2005 trip to Weston by felicianol

Quote: The Bonaventure Resort in Weston, Florida is a relaxing, peaceful getaway location. However, those interested in activities will be disappointed. Renting a vehicle is a must, as you cannot travel around any other way.

Weston (Near Ft. Lauderdale)


The Fort Lauderdale airport is a 20-minute drive.

Quick Tips:

Obtain a coupon book from the local grocery store for coupons for meals.

Best Way To Get Around:

You MUST have a rental car. The Fort Lauderdale airport's off-site locations have the cheapest rental cars and provides transportation to/from their sites.

Bonaventure Resort

Best Of IgoUgo


I needed a vacation that would not break my bank, so I decided to go "anywhere" my budget would take me. Even with the rise in airline tickets, the Ft Lauderdale airport seems to be a location I am able to find great rates, so I knew Florida would probably be the place. Last Call provided me with a $99 studio at Bonaventure, and Spirit Airlines offered round-trip tickets of $116 per person (this includes taxes). Thanks to relentless searching, I found an economy vehicle (Ford Focus) for $189 (includes taxes and unlimited miles) at an off-site location near the airport. My vacation was going to cost me and my husband $520 for a full week--I was delighted! I read the opinions of others who hav...Read More