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Montreal, A Vibrant City

A July 2005 trip to Montreal by cytiev

Notre Dame Basilica Photo, Montreal, Quebec More Photos
Quote: Montreal, the second-largest French-speaking city after Paris, is truly an exceptional place. It's modern and focused on development on one side and historical on the other. Montreal is the place to see and experience a harmony of cultures with ethnic flavor.

Charming Montreal

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Notre Dame' Basilica Photo, Montreal, Quebec
Montreal is Canada’s second largest city and, as far as I’ve observed, the most vibrant one because of the harmony of cultures that make up this French-speaking city of Quebec. After taking the rail from Toronto, which took about 4 hours, we started to explore Montreal. Even in the rail station, you can see the diversity of the city’s culture, French bakeries, Italian coffee shops, Greek restaurants, Palestinian kebabs, and rows and rows of shops that sell just about anything you need. A map of Montreal in English was the first thing we purchased to figure out what sights to go to and see. We made our way to the Underground City, with its myriad of shops and restaurants, and with a quick call to our l...Read More