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Live Jazz in Shanghai

An October 2005 trip to Shanghai by psrclub2004

CJW Jazz Club Photo, Shanghai, China More Photos
Quote: At CJW (Cigar, Jazz, Wine), I saw a five-piece band, mostly New York jazz musicians, performing very good music. The venue, located at 222 YenAn Rd., has 360-degree views of Shanghai. It is a perfect place to spend the night!!

CJW Jazz Club

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Attraction | "CJW- Live Jazz from NY!"

CJW Jazz Club Photo, Shanghai, China
CJW Jazz lounge and resturantOne of the best vantages for taking in Shanghai's dazzling, rapidly changing cityscape is CJW (Cigar/Jazz/Wine), on the highest floor of the crown-topped, 50-story Bund Centre. Its 360-degree panorama gives patrons a peek at the Bund's colonial architecture, Pudong's futuristic skyline, the Yu Yuan Gardens, and more. One of Shanghai City's most desirable "in spots". Famous designer Benjamin Li's space is eclectic-metallic organza "dumplings" on the ceiling, Lava lamps, dangling crystals, clear-beaded curtains—and reflects modern Shanghai's schizophrenic array of colonial, cutting-edge, and kitsch aesthetics. The house jazz band plays nightly un...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on October 18, 2005

CJW Jazz Club
Bund Center
Shanghai, China
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