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Quick Getaway in Tequisquiapan

An October 2005 trip to Tequisquiapan by teo20

Quote: What I can only say about this place is that is great to have a good time. It’s small, but you have everything you need to have a great time with your friends and family

Quick Getaway in Tequisquiapan


The town is small butt very interesting, quiet, and relaxing. It is excellent to rest and be out in the city.

Quick Tips:

There are many restaurants to visit, but don't miss La Valentina and Maria Bonita. The resort has kitchen facilities, so if you like to cook, you have everything you need.

Best Way To Get Around:

There is kind of a bus that takes you around the place, and they show you all the most remarkable parts of the town.
Best Things Nearby:Downtown is very close, and you'll be able to find all kind of restaurants and many handicrafts.Best Things About the Resort:The service is good and the staff and Claudia, who takes care of the RCI members, are really helpful. There is a large pool and the tennis court is really good.Resort Experience:I had a two-bedroom unit and stayed 1 week with my family. I had a great time, as the people are very nice and there are many nice girls all over the place. The unit has a full kitchen and a hot tub, which is great. Unit Type: Other Activities: Good...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on October 18, 2005

La Rinconada Tequisquiapan
Avenida Juarez Oriente Numero 19
Tequisquiapan, Mexico

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