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Weekend Getaway to Philadelphia

A September 2002 trip to Philadelphia by hottice2nicky

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Quote: You'll certainly love the diversity this compact city has to offer. Located just 100 miles from NYC, the birthplace of American independence makes a doable day trip. Plan a weekend excursion at the very least—you'll be surprised at how fast Sunday night arrives!

Geno's Steaks

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Restaurant | "Geno's and Pat's Steakhouses"

Geno's Steaks Photo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Philly is undeniably a food-lover's paradise. Gourmets, gourmands, and just plain gluttons will have no trouble finding something to suit their fancy. Cheap eats and fussier fare peacefully coexist in the city. What trip would be complete without a gooey cheesesteak? Everyone's got an opinion on the best, and the rivalry between Geno's and Pat's King of Steaks, two catty-corner, 24-hour steak purveyors, is as heated as any in history. To be honest, I don't find much difference between them, though I'm a bit swayed by Pat's public napkin dispensers—this is some messy stuff. Be advised--these joints are the soup nazis of South Philly. Have your money ready, ask for sodas at the second window and wha...Read More

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Geno's Steaks
1219 South 9th Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147
(215) 389-0659