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Rafting in the Yukon

A June 2005 trip to Whitehorse by annadd

Quote: We, a group of four family members, took a 3-day rafting trip down the Nisutlin River and planned and did it ourselves. Uncle turned 80 while we were out in the wilderness. The others were a friend, son, and myself.

Rafting in the Yukon


The very best thing about our trip down the Nisutlin River was we saw no human for 3 days. The river was flowing fast and the scenery was beautiful. We outfitted ourselves in a 16-foot zodiak with a 20 hrp motor (which we didn't need till we got into Teslin Lake). We took out with what we came in with. The daylight was 23 hours a day. The weather was fabulous. We had done all kinds of camping in our teens, but this was much more exciting. The weather was just beautiful. So we just sat in the zodiak and watched everything go by. Sometimes we stopped to explore trapper cabins or old abandoned fish camps. We just pulled off to sandbars, set up the tent, and started supper over an open campfire. We saw mo...Read More

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