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Hiking the Overland Trail in Tasmania

A March 2004 trip to Tasmania by OziOziOzi

Cradle Mountain Photo, Tasmania, Australia More Photos
Quote: How to enjoy one of the world's great wilderness walks is right here. It is remote, unpredictable, and an exhilarating experience. Here’s how to get there and what you'll need to really make it enjoyable, memorable, and one of the best trips of your life, even if it's on your own two legs.

Hiking the Overland Trail in Tasmania

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Cradle Mountain Photo, Tasmania, Australia
Magnificent, pristine, unpredictable, lonely, and awe-inspiring describe Overland Trail from Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair in Tasmania, one of the world's great hikes and a heritage-listed national park. The views are incredible, as is the loneliness and sense of enormity of the magnificent peaks, valleys, streams, lakes, and vegetation. The scene changes every hour and there's so much to see. Although photos don't do it justice, take plenty of them!   Tips: Carry out what you carry in and more: It's a national park that's basically pristine, and even with lots of hikers, there’s no litter to be seen: no wrappers, cigarette butts, or coke cans.   Weather is a major issu...Read More
The huts you find at points along the way are very basic accommodation, but, after a day of hiking, well received. For safety’s sake, they're placed about every 10 to 12km and usually consist of bunk-style dormitory accommodation. There are no mattresses, just wooden bases, sometimes in pairs, but generally long, giant beds that sleep six to eight people alongside each other on lower and upper levels. Simply unroll your camp mattress and sleeping bag and voila, instant bed. At each hut there's also excellent campsites, but if you want to keep it simple, don't mind fairly Spartan accommodation, and meeting other travellers at the end of each day, they're great. All huts have coal or gas heating, plenti...Read More

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