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Living Mexico City

A September 2005 trip to Mexico City by Vikike

Quote: My work took me to Mexico City for 6 weeks, so I had the chance to live in and visit the biggest city in the world.

Living Mexico City


The sizzling life of the Zocalo, the archeological sights and the cathedral of the historical center, the Bosque de Chapultepec with the zoo, and the National Museum of Anthropology

Quick Tips:

The best way to get to know Mexico City is if you know some local people to take you around, but if this is not the case, make sure to have a guidebook and map with you.

Best Way To Get Around:

Taxis are cheap and maybe the safest way to get around, but only take the registered ones from taxi stands, never the little green VW Beetles on the street.


Restaurant | "Bellini's"

Dinner was very nice, but the greatest attraction is that the restaurant is located on the top of the World Trade Center of Mexico City on the 47th floor and rotates, so while you are eating your dinner, you get to see the view of the whole city lit up at night!!! The only rare thing was that I got a bit dizzy. It was also mostly couples in the restaurant, except for the four of us. Still, I really recommend it to anyone who visits or lives in Mexico City, because it is spectacular and the prices are not as high as you’d think about such a restaurant.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on October 12, 2005

Avenida de las Naciones 1 Piso 45
México City, Mexico 03810
+52 5 628 8304; +52

The National Museum of Anthropology is located in the Bosque de Chapultepec. It is quite a big museum, with exhibitions about the inhabitants and cultures of Mexico from the times dating back to the first habitation of the Americas up to the years of the Spanish occupation and the coming years of independence. I’d suggest that everybody who visits Mexico City to go to this museum, as it gives you a great overview of Mexican history and culture, even if you only spend 2 to 3 hours there. If you are more interested, you can easily pass a whole day there, as there are a lot of videos to watch and interesting stories and facts to read about. The museum also houses a library. The entrance fee is only...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on October 12, 2005

National Museum of Anthropology
Paseo de la Reforma y Calzada Ghandi
Mexico City, Mexico 11560



When you arrive to Mexico City, I would recommend that you to take the so-called Turibus on one of your first days, as it gives you a great overview of the city and the opportunity to visit the most important sights in just one day. The bus connects the Bosque de Chapultepec, which is a huge park and is sometimes referred to as the lung of Mexico City, and the Zocalo; the main square; and the historic center both ways. The bus itself is an open double-decker, and it is operated on a hop-on, hop-off system, so you can get off at any of the stops and get on the following bus any time later. This way you don’t only see the sights from the bus and listen to the tour guiding in six different lan...Read More
Mexico City is the biggest city in the world, and the population is estimated to be close to 30 million people. It is spread across the Valley of Mexico, at the height of around 2,200m above sea level, and is surrounded by mountains. The traffic is unbelievable and the pollution reaches very high levels, but it is usually lowered by the showers that hit the city. The weather is mild, but locals say that summer is very rainy, so it is better to visit in the autumn or the spring. Knowing that it was the biggest city ever, I thought that the city itself would be more high-rise, like other big cities I have visited before. In the center of Mexico City and in the zone of Santa Fe there are some h...Read More