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Off-Season in Canada

An April 2003 trip to Magog by mariean

Quote: We were disappointed with our stay at Club Vacances Magog. We were there off-season, and there was not very much to do.
Best Things Nearby:MontrealBest Things About the Resort:We stayed in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom suite that had a washer and dryer, so the space was more than adequate and we had everything we needed in the kitchen. We also enjoyed renting videos from the front desk and the fireplace. Resort Experience:We stayed at this resort in April, which is off-season. It isn’t cold enough to ski, nor is it warm enough to enjoy other activities in the surrounding countryside or in the nearby lake. Many of the local shops and attractions were closed for this reason. While we enjoyed the opportunity to drive for a little over an hour to get to the many attractions of Montr...Read More

Member Rating 1 out of 5 on October 12, 2005

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