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Spring Break in Scotland

A March 2005 trip to St. Andrews by TopPop85

Quote: Spring Break 2005: A week trip to Scotland mostly focusing on St. Andrews, the home of golf, and Edinburgh, the capital

Spring Break in Scotland


Obviously, the highlight of St. Andrews is the golf course, but the city actually offers a lot more in the way of nightlife and dining.

Quick Tips:

If you plan on going out to the bars, make sure that you realize that they normally close at 12am or, in some cases, 1am. Don't start your night too late.

Best Way To Get Around:

Definitely use public transportation. In St. Andrews, just walk. Nothing is too far. You can pretty much walk everywhere in Edinburgh as well, but bus service is easy and cheap.

Ma Bell's


One of the most posh bars in St. Andrews., it is rumored to be a likely spot to see Prince William. The drink prices are pretty expensive, but they have a pretty complete list of drinks and many American drinks (Long Island iced tea) that are hard to find in Scotland.

Member Rating 2 out of 5 on October 8, 2005

Ma Bell's
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