Fredericksburg Journals

Fredericksburg and the Texas Hill country

A March 2000 trip to Fredericksburg by Kerry

Quote: On our grand circle tour through Texas last year this was one of the biggest suprises.

Fredericksburg and the Texas Hill country


It's an amazing small town and very different in many respects from the surrounding communities. While still Texas hill country, Fredericksburg has managed to keep it's German immigrant heritage visible and takes great pride in it's history. There are several museums nearby, including the Admiral Nimitz Museum, dedicated to the father of our nuclear fleet, and even a small theater community. There are six winerys/vinyards, 4 in fredericksburg and 2 in nearby Stonewall. Plenty of B&B's are there, lot's of small shops, and places to eat. This is really a nice spot for a weekend break, or as a short stopover on your way through the area. Best souviner? A bottle of wine. Texas has a great grape...Read More
Texas wines are not pretentious by any means, nor are they expensive. I like to take home something from every place I stop and in Fredericksburg, wine is the perfect statement. The town's settlers appreciated a drop of Vino, and while many of the local German infuences are just facades, the wine making traditions exist still.

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Fredericksburg Winery
247 W Main Street
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
(830) 990-8747

Antiques etc...


I just wanted to gve people the heads up here about the antiques market. There are about 20 antique shops, mostly on Main street and they are worth exploring. Don't expect major bargains as this is a tourist town and they have to make a living with the overhead that comes with tourism, but some careful searching might lead to some unique finds in collectables