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Timeshare on Gran Canary

A July 2005 trip to Gran Canaria by kaimo

Quote: We stayed in a timeshare at the lovely Monte Anfi. One of the four sections was built by the Norwegian Bjørn Lyng.

Timeshare on Gran Canary


This is a nice quiet place with a lot of possibilities. It is well organized for young and old, and there is a market and entertainment every evening. There are many pools, restaurants, and fitness center.Quick Tips: It is 45 km from the airport. Transport with a taxi is about 40€. Airport transfer is possible with a car, limousine, or minibus.Best Way To Get Around: Car rental is possible all over the island, but there is heavy traffic on the highway. Small trips with a taxi are okay. The island has a lot to show if you don't want to stay on the beach. There are nice small towns, good local food, and very friendly people. We have rented car for several times...Read More
Best Things Nearby:Restaurants, golf, horse or camel rides, entertainment, go-cart, and Palmitos ParkBest Things About the Resort:It has everything you need for the whole family. It is really something for all ages.Resort Experience:It is big, with four different "buildings" built over several years. It has a nice beach, with white sand and a lot of water sports. There are four different restaurants with very different menus and tastes. There is a marketplace and entertainment every evening. There is a huge marina with many boats. They also have a new park with mini golf and a lot of pools ...Read More

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