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A September 2005 trip to Denver by Andria808

Quote: One of my best friends recently moved to Denver. Now we're faced with the challenge of exploring a brand-new city.

Casa Bonita

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Casa Bonita was the strangest dining experience I have ever had. I never would have gone there if it wasn’t for the South Park episode where Cartman talks about how awesome it is with cliff divers and Black Bart’s Cave. I didn’t believe it was a real place, but it is. The food is awful, it really is. If you‘re a vegetarian, just eat later, or fill up on chips and sopapillas. Upon entering the restaurant, you grab a menu and decide from about 10 options what you want to eat. The only vegetarian option is a bean burrito with a green chili sauce, which actually sounded pretty good. That’s what I ordered, but not what I actually got. You order and pay at the cashier and then continue thro...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on October 2, 2005

Casa Bonita
6715 West Colfax Ave
Denver, Colorado 80214
+1 303 232 5115

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