Crater Lake National Park Journals

Crater Lake a Hidden Jewel

A July 2000 trip to Crater Lake National Park by howardform

Quote: A bit off the beaten path up the Pacific coast is a hidden treasure.

Crater Lake a Hidden Jewel


Many people drive up and down the Pacific coast and miss of its jewels. Crater Lake National Park. It's only about 120 Miles off I-5 (about 2 1/2 hours) through no-mans land. What a sight. After arrving in Roseburg, OR (There arent many places to stay in the area) We arrived at Crater Lake. Every since I was young studing maps in School I wanted to go there. The Lake is deep blue and has no river going in or out. Compared to other parks in the West it isnt very crowded and there is plenty of room to roam the park withour bumping into people. But please don't tell everyone about this treasure. It might get too crowded.Quick Tips: Don't miss the boat ride on Crater lake and Try to hike wi...Read More