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Negril, Jamaica - Home Away from Home

A February 2005 trip to Negril by jahparadise

Quote: Negril is paradise on earth. I am headed to Negril again this December for my seventh trip in 5 years, and obviously, I'm hooked. Why? Well, mostly because of the people I have met there, but it is really more than that. It's the total feeling of relaxation, calm, and peace.

Negril, Jamaica

Best Of IgoUgo


My first encounter with Negril, Jamaica, was in 2000, when I stayed at Grande Lido Resort for my honeymoon. This resort is quite lovely and located near Bloody Bay, sort of apart from the rest of the 7 Mile Beach area. My stay was wonderful. Due to all the bad press I had come upon about Jamaica, we decided it would be best to stay put at the resort. In other words we were afraid to leave, afraid of the unknown. Well, six trips later, I am no longer afraid or confined to staying at a resort, as we found all of the stories, rumors, and fears untrue. As with any new place, the obvious issues with safety, etc., must be observed, just as you would in your own home city. I ...Read More