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Sharing a pint with my IgoUgo pals

A September 2005 trip to London by SFPhotocraft

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Quote: The 2005 IgoUgo guide get-together was held in London. This was a chance for the North American guides to mix it up with our friends across the pond. IgoUgo had taken care of all the details, so all we had to do was partake and enjoy!

Hilton Kensington

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Hotel | "Kensington Hilton"

Hilton Kensington Photo, London, England
In reviewing the many Hilton Hotels in London the Kensington Hilton had the least expensive rates. I did the travelers error #19 - Don't pick the cheapest, simply because it's the cheapest.. Sometimes value has more to do than just price.I actually had stayed here before--my sister was a flight attendant for TWA, and this was the hotel they laid over at while in London. Even today, this is a popular choice for airline crews. It's that kind of generic hotel airline crews love. You wake up, and by the room, you can't tell if you are in London, Tokyo, or maybe Des Moines?The location is between Holland Park and Sheperd's Bush. The immediate area is rather uninteresting, and there ...Read More

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Hilton Kensington
179-199 Holland Park Avenue
London, England
+44 (207) 603-3355

The Clarence

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The Clarence Photo, London, England
Surely on your visit you will want to stop into one of London's many pubs for a traditonal pub lunch. But which one? The city is full of good (and some not so good) pubs, and making a choice can be daunting. My pick would be The Clarence, in Whitehall.The Clarence has sat for years between Parliament and Trafalgar Square and near Scotland Yard. It always has an interesting mix of clientele, you will be rubbing elbows with fellow tourists, local office workers and government workers, maybe even a member of Parliament or two! This is a typical English pub, and in 2004, it won the Pub of Year award for all of London. It's a large building with a some wonderful graphics on the outsid...Read More

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The Clarence
53 Whitehall
London, England SW1Y 4AA