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Ridge Top Village at Shawnee

A September 2005 trip to Poconos by ckohser

Quote: You will find info on this place here, which you should review before choosing to go here. It was the first place we were totally disappointed in. We even cut the trip short due to the lack of enjoyment and sleep.

Ridgetop Village at Shawnee

Hotel | "Ridgetop Village"

There is no easy access to your unit. It does have a small screened-in porch. You have to go and pick up any missing items from your inventory list. The beds were so uncomfortable that we had to cut the trip short due to lack of sleep. They have the old-fashioned ice-cube trays and no blender or mixer in the unit. They have activities for children and families. They do not have many for adults. There was one class listed as an adult activity, and when I arrived, the ladies were just sitting and talking and the instructor was doing homework. I asked what the class was on and it was scrap-booking. So I took their stuff off the counters and showed the ladies how to scrapbook. They said that I should ...Read More

Member Rating 1 out of 5 on September 16, 2005

Ridgetop Village at Shawnee
5242-5255 Buttermilk Falls Road
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 18301
(570) 421-1500

Bushkill Falls


You walk down a path, and depending on which falls you want to take, you follow that path. There are three or four colors. The path will take you down a hill, over tree roots, down steps, up steps, and eventually to the place you picked out on the map. Make sure you bring water with you, as there is nothing for you to drink along your path.

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Bushkill Falls
Bushkill Falls Road / Rt 209
Poconos, Pennsylvania