Minnesota Journals

Lake Mille Lacs Fishing

A September 2005 trip to Minnesota by goodmother

Quote: We spent a day on the water chasing the elusive walleye.



We started off on the northwest corner fishing some rock piles and then drifting with Lindy rigs. We ended up catching a lot of perch in the 8- to 10-inch range. The water was extremely rough. My friend's pup that had joined us threw up three times from being seasick.

We moved to the southeast corner of the lake to get out of the wind. We fished some more rock piles and ended up with three walleyes that we kept and one 19-inch smallmouth that we threw back.

Mille Lacs is a premier walleye fishery. For those without a boat, there are numerous launches that go out. Prices run from $25 to $30 each for several-hour trips. This is a great way to experience this lake.

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