St. Barthelemy Journals

St. Barthelemy- The Hidden Jewel of the Caribbean!

A December 2000 trip to St. Barthelemy by Stefanie Michaels

Quote: Adventure GirlTM, Stefanie Michaels takes a grand look at the beautiful little isle of St. Barthelemy in the Caribbean.

St. Barthelemy- The Hidden Jewel of the Caribbean!

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It is hard for me to actually relax on holiday, without turning a much-needed rest and some down time into a location scout for my show, Adventures with Adventure GirlTM Prepare to relax, but readied for the decadence and party like nothing other in the Caribbean. Books/ magazines for relaxation, swimsuit for the beach. Party clothes for evening and "beach parties" I was told would be happening. St. Barthelemy also known as St. Barths and St. Barts is located in the Caribbean, across from St. Marteen/St. Martin. It is a 1hr.15 min. flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico. It's on N.Y. time during the summer and 1hr. ahead in the winter. The island was discovered by Columbus and named after his brothe...Read More