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An April 2004 trip to New York by elldub2005

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World Trade Center Site

Attraction | "Ground Zero"

The site of where the Twin Towers once were is a truly humbling experience. Of all the noisy streets in New York City, this is almost completely quiet. One of the few sounds I did hear was the sound of a lone flute player on the street, playing soothing tunes as if to comfort. To see the mass amount of space where tons of concrete and metal were torn down by two small airplanes just makes you appreciate what you have and what these people lost. The area is quite large, you will know where you are once you walk up the street. Alongside the gated-in area there are plaques commemorating the lives lost on that fated day. This is definitely a must-see for anyone visiting NYC.

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World Trade Center Site
Vesey Street, West Side Highway, Liberty And Church Streets
New York

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