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A Sox Fan's Love for NYC

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Quote: Usually I visit New York City for a weekend or two each year. This journal will be a collective review of various hotels and sites I have visited in the city.

A Sox Fan's Love for NYC


World-class museums, the Great White Way, overwhelming architecture, and all-around American culture ripping at the seams of the Big Apple, New York City. I've visited NYC at least a dozen times and have hardly done a sampling of what there is to do in this amazing place.Quick Tips: Though it is nice to stay in a hotel downtown, be aware that just about every area of Manhattan is close to a number of things you may want to visit. You may want to weigh the prices of various hotels by checking the Uptown, Midtown, and Downtown areas. If you are planning your first trip to NYC, it may be best to have a sketched-out plan of things you'd like to see. When you arrive, you may find the cit...Read More
Empire State Building Photo, New York, New York
Possibly THE architectural icon of America, this site is a must-do. To get to the top observation deck it is $14 for adults. I went in the summer and had to wait nearly 2 hours before finally getting to the top. Be prepared for the wait, but it is worth it.

The view from the top is incomparable. Seeing one of the world's most amazing cities from that height is a sight you will not soon forget. I was lucky enough to catch a rainbow streaking over the Chrysler building and snapped a picture. Imagine Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meeting here in "Sleepless in Seattle," or King Kong plummeting to his end (whatever floats your boat!)

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Empire State Building
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