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A Night in a Haunted Jail

An October 2000 trip to Fresno by diw222

The Bastille Photo, Fresno, California More Photos
Quote: Enjoy the ambience of this 100-year-old jail, now serving music and drinks. It was a spirited journey into a haunted building.

A Night in a Haunted Jail


The Bastille Photo, Fresno, California
In 2000, our paranormal group was selected to spend the night in a haunted jail, which just happened to be my favorite building in my town. It exceeded all expectations.

Quick Tips:

If you want to enjoy an evening in a truly haunted place, visit The Bastille, now a sports bar with live bands and more than a few "spirited" visitors.

Best Way To Get Around:

It's easy to walk. The closest airport is in Fresno.

The Bastille


This is a spooky but wonderful 100-year-old county jail with a history of being haunted. It still has some original jail cells, a twisted wooden staircase up a tower, and a wonderful staff of service people. It is now a bar owned by two retired police officers. They soon became believers in some prisoners never leaving captivity. It's a must to visit in Hanford.

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The Bastille
Fresno, California

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