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Time Travel to Nicaragua's Off-Islands

A May 2005 trip to Little Corn Islands by danchurch

Whats For Dinner? Photo, Little Corn Islands, Nicaragua More Photos
Quote: Within recent memory, budget travelers could pick from a wide range of glorious destinations along the Caribbean coast, including the offshore islands, and escape to a world un-parceled by land speculators. No longer. Alternatives do exists, though, and not beyond the reach of thrifty travelers with somewhat flexible schedules.

Time Travel to Nicaragua's Off-Islands

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What's For Dinner? Photo, Little Corn Islands, Nicaragua
Sadly, once-sleepy San Pedro in Belize is long gone. (Hardly a decade ago, one could lie down with the dogs in the main road there and nap undisturbed.) Roatan and its sister islands in Honduras have succumbed to the realty scramble. The much-publicized civil unrest in Nicaragua have sheltered the Corn Islands so far, as has their location 52 miles east of Bluefield. (Bluefield is, for all intents, accessible from Managua or Grenada only by air. The land route, which includes river travel, is described as a horror even by seasoned backpackers.) Fortunately, two national airlines, La Costeña and Air Alantic, provide daily service to Bluefield and Big Corn Island ("big" is 4 square miles)....Read More

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