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The Philadelphia Folk Festival

An August 2005 trip to Schwenksville by JulieHolm

Quote: Did you miss Woodstock? It might surpise you to know that a similar be-in-style music festival predated Woodstock and is still going strong in the suburban Philadelphia area. The Philadelphia Folk Festival is a three-day celebration of folk music every August in Schwenksville, PA.

The Philadelphia Folk Festival

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This journal is still in progress! The highlights of the Philadelphia Folk festival are the evening concerts, held Friday and Saturday from 7:30am to 12 midnight and Sunday from about 4 to 9:30pm. These concerts present the best performers that folk music has to offer, from a huge variety of genres. You might hear an ethnic world music group, Cuban or Puerto Rican, or Eastern European, or African, followed by a singer-songwriter like John Gorka, Greg Brown, Mary Chapin Carpenter, or Richard Thompson. There will be a Celtic group or two every year and usually a step dancer at some point, or group of them. Someone will sing Blues for a while, someone will do Zydeco, and there is usually a Cape Breto...Read More