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Nelson, New Zealand

A September 2002 trip to Nelson by Loves Australia

Quote: Nelson, New Zealand, is a beautiful wine region in the northern portion of New Zealand's southern island. The trip was two magical days in the midst of an incredibly fabulous vacation to New Zealand and Australia.

Wine Trip through Nelson, NZ

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A few years ago, I went on a 2-week vacation with friends to Australia and New Zealand. We had researched New Zealand and found that there was a wine region in the northern portion of the Southern Island called Nelson. We decided to stop there on part of the trip and had an incredibly fantastic time. Nelson is still pretty small (and the wines from there are nearly impossible to find in the States - believe me, I've looked! - if you ever find Seifried's wine, BUY IT IMMEDIATELY!!). We ended up booking a day trip through the wine region with a small tour company. When we showed up the next morning, it was the three of us, a couple on their 25th anniversary trip, and the driver. The six of us...Read More

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Wine Trip through Nelson, NZ