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Hanoi - A Bit of Everything

A December 2005 trip to Hanoi by Luigi Riva

Quote: We arrived in a rainstorm and left on a sunny evening. In between, we had a bit of everything and discovered plenty of charm in and around Hanoi, whatever the weather.

Sofitel Metropole Hanoi

Hotel | "Sofitel Metropole"

Step into the Metropole and you could be in a five-star hotel anywhere in Asia: spotless, obliging, and discreet. While the furnishings and decor are high-end, they are not spectacular, nor do they evoke the locale. The views are nothing special and the food is rather predictable, if good. But the bed is fantastic, the toiletries are comprehensive, and the free fruit in the evening is the perfect pre-dinner snack. Before heading out, stop at the lively Met Bar for a cocktail, then enjoy the romantic walk along the lake shore that takes you from Sofitel to Hanoi. At least, after dinner, the cyclo driver will know where your hotel is. And the next morning, your hungover body will appreci...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on August 23, 2005

Sofitel Metropole Hanoi
Hanoi, Vietnam