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Crystal Hunting in San Pedro de Atacama

A May 2005 trip to San Pedro de Atacama by Jadeski

San Pedro 01 Photo, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile More Photos
Quote: San Pedro is an oasis in a barren desert surrounded by volcanos. While the town can feel like a bit of a tourist trap, wandering outside the town on foot can provide a serene escape in the desert.

Crystal Hunting in San Pedro de Atacama

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San Pedro 01 Photo, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
San Pedro de Atacama is located in the dead of the Atacama Desert. Traveling by bus for hours through brown nothingness, I thought I was hallucinating when we arrived at the green oasis of San Pedro. The town lives off tourism due to its proximity to spectacular natural destinations, like flamingo filled lakes and steaming geysers. We signed up for a 3-day Jeep tour leaving San Pedro and ending in Uyuni, Bolivia. With a day or two to spare in the town, we didn't find much to wet our appetite for adventure besides drinking at the numerous, expensive watering holes in town. It was a beautiful day, so we started walking and found ourselves leaving the community and entering the desert. There are many hil...Read More

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San Pedro de Atacama
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