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A December 2005 trip to Luxembourg by diverk

Vianden Castle/Chateau de Vianden Photo, Vianden, Luxembourg More Photos
Quote: Although I was there only for a short visit, it is clear why Luxembourgians endearingly call their country Little Switzerland. The north of the country is filled with little hills with gorgeous, clean trails.

Vianden Castle/Chateau de Vianden

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Attraction | "Visiting Vianden Castle during Medieval Festival"

Vianden Castle/Chateau de Vianden Photo, Vianden, Luxembourg
The castle is open daily in the summer from 10am to 6pm. We visited Viandan Castle on Sunday, the 14th of August, which was one day before a religious public holiday (Mary's Ascension). Therefore, the castle had one of its biannual medieval festivals. Tourists of all ages and from all over Luxembourg congregated here to watch the medieval dancers, cobblers, ironsmiths, monks, and knights. Of course, this was very cheesy, but I was taken in by the festival's charm and magnificent castle. Vianden Castle was constructed between the 11th and 14th centuries on the foundations of a Roman "castellum" and a Carolingian refuge. This castle, as well as the city of Viandan, had the look and feel of a fairy t...Read More

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Vianden Castle/Chateau de Vianden
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