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Honeymoon in Maui

A June 2005 trip to Maui by josh2077

Quote: This was a first to Maui, and I will give some tips of things to do and expect. It was a honeymoon trip, so we did a lot of stuff, but we got to see pretty much all of the island in a week.

Honeymoon in Maui


The best thing to do is go to Mama's Fish House. It was the best fish I have ever had, and they catch it the day you go there. Also, you must take the Road to Hana. I suggest doing a tour, because it's very rough if you do it on your own.

Quick Tips:

Maui is expensive no matter what you do, so prepare to spend some money. The K-Mart is the cheapest place to buy groceries and trinkets. Trust me--get them there rather than at one of the many stores they have that sells souvenirs.

Best Way To Get Around:

I would say a rental car, except for the Road to Hana. Most rental agreements don't cover the whole trip along the road.

Marriott Wailea Beach Resort & Spa

Hotel | "Wailea Marriott Resort"

This resort was very nice. It is not as flashy and new as some of the others around it, but the rooms were large and the service was perfect. Plus, you are closer to the oceans than most of the hotels. They also have the best luau on the island.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on August 17, 2005

Marriott Wailea Beach Resort & Spa
3700 Wailea Alanui
Maui, Hawaii
(808) 879-1922

Mama's Fish House


I have had fish in New York, Vegas, California, and Florida, and this fish was the best ever. I am not a huge seafood person, but you can't beat Mama's.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on August 17, 2005

Mama's Fish House
799 Poho Place
Maui, Hawaii 96779
(808) 579-8488

This is a traditional Irish pub on a golf course. Half of the employees are straight from Ireland. They have pretty good food and their drinks are not too pricey.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on August 18, 2005

Mulligan's On the Blue
100 Kaukahi St. Wailea
Kihei 96753
(808) 874-1131