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A July 2002 trip to Cannes by indigotima

Tranquil Cannes Photo, Cannes, France More Photos
Quote: Can there be anything more inherently Cannes than to lounge on cushioned recliners beside the ocean with young bronzed Frenchmen offering up drinks and salad?
Tranquil Cannes Photo, Cannes, France
If you are determined to live it up in Cannes, then at least one day must be spent in decadent luxury in one of the many seaside restaurant/lounges. It might seem a high price to pay (about $15 for half a day, depending on the lounge), but, trust me, this is worth the splurge, even if it means eating nothing but $0.90 baguettes for the rest of your stay. You get your own space, staked out away from the flurry of tiny feet and the noise of concerned parents. Rather than squirming to find that just-so spot where the galettes don't press into your shoulder blades, you have a cushy, raised lounge chair. You have a choice of sun or shade. Refreshments are but a pointed glance away. And, if you don't wish t...Read More

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