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4 Day Bahama

An October 2002 trip to Bahamas by Juliecroff02

Coco Cay Photo, Nassau, Bahamas More Photos
Quote: This was part of our honeymoon trip, and we spent part of the time on the cruise and the other half in Disney World.

Coco Cay

Attraction | "Snorkeling"

Coco Cay Photo, Nassau, Bahamas
Snorkeling on Coco Cay was easy--you don't have to be very fit to participate, and younger kids can go to. The water is very calm, and it's cheap--less than $10 per person--so you'll definitely want to buy the underwater camera they sell there if you forget to bring your own. The vest they give you inflates and makes swimming and floating very easy, and if you want to dive down deeper, you just let the air out and fill it up again when you come back up to the top. They have a sunken plane wreck with lots of fish that hang around, so you'll get to see lots.

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Coco Cay

Nassau, Bahamas