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Side trip to Hilo

An August 2005 trip to Hilo by budgettravels1

Quote: As a part of a conference trip to Honolulu, a friend and I wanted to see the volcanos. So we booked this side trip.

Polynesian Adventure Volcano Tour

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Our bus driver (Shirley) did a great job telling the stories so that we could get the feeling of the culture of the island. I think she enjoyed her job and liked sharing (I had another bus driver on a different tour who was terrible, so the contrast was even more noticable). We only had one day to devote to volcanos and to Hilo, so the tour was the better option than renting a car and trying to figure it all out on our own. We got to go to a local beach for sea turtle hunting (no luck), Rainbow Falls, Volcano National Park and Museum, the Thurston lava tube, steam vents, lava hiking, macademia nut factory, and even an orchid grower. My friend really wanted to see flowing lava, but we only had 2 ho...Read More

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Polynesian Adventure Volcano Tour
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