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Olé!!! Bailamos Flamenco!!

A March 2005 trip to Italy by Babi

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Quote: Andalusia, a dream full of joy - special food, nice people, plenty of cultural places, magnificent architecture.
Best Things Nearby:The resort is very big, but very well served; you need a car to go around, but you can walk to the supermarket, and to the golf center if you use it ...Best Things About the Resort:Very nice apartment; ocean view, and having the rented car, we could change beaches every day; it is well served with tennis, swimming pool, and restaurants.Resort Experience:The apartment is well served, complete with microwawe, washing machine, and TV. It's 15 minutes away from the beach, and it is near plenty of cultural places like Marbella and Fuengirola. Unit Type: 1 Bedroom ...Read More

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My boyfriend and I had paella, a typical Spanish dish, rice with fish and meat together, and it was very good. Fresh fish and very tasty; also, the same for the meat we had the day after - was very good.

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The Alhambra was a palace, a citadel, a fortress, and home of the Narsrid sultans, high government officials, servants of the court, and elite soldiers (from the 13th century to the 15th century). Today the monument is divided into four main areas: the Palaces, the military area of Alcazaba, the City or Medina, and the agricultural estate of the Generallife. It also includes noteworthy buildings of different periods, such as the Renaissance-style Charles V Palace, housing the Alhambra Museum, with items taken chiefly from the Monument, and the Museum of Fine Arts.

All of these areas are in the natural surroundings of woods, gardens, and orchards.

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Andalusia is a holiday destination where you can find whatever you like - sea, culture, entertainment, nightlife… nice souvenirs, good food, it depends on what you’re looking for. Spanish people are nice; they let you taste "El sabor de Espana"... and this is how we felt at our home. Only one thing - arriving in Cordoba, we had to sleep in a bed and breakfast, sorry, only bed... and not really nice room... so this was the only "bad point"; but the room was really very, very cheap...therefore, no complaint about this. Anyway, you can easily find places to sleep at cheap prices if you close both eyes and don't care. And then we were coming from an RCI resort, so even a nice room could ...Read More