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A September 2005 trip to Bohemia by kjlouden

Prachov Rocks  Photo, Bohemia, Czech Republic More Photos
Quote: I have dreamed of narrating National Geographic specials, and this journal is as close as I will ever get. The region of Bohemia certainly deserves a "special" of some sort, so here it is. You don’t even have to read anything but my apologies! Get some popcorn and watch.

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Prachov Rocks  Photo, Bohemia, Czech Republic
Last fall, I was fortunate to tour a few of the small, historic towns of Bohemia and some of the protected wild areas, too. Although I wrote journals about Jicin and Litomysl, I thought the region deserved a medium with a little more pizzazz. (Plus, I get a little antsy for something new!) So, like the narrators in those somewhat "historical" novels who beg their gentle readers to think kindly of their meager efforts to decipher a character’s secret motivations, I must beg my readers to cut me some slack here with a medium with which I am quite a novice. The presentation you are about to see should please you. After all, you don’t even have to read it! That’s right. I w...Read More

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