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Sarisha satisfied us spiritually and physically

A May 2005 trip to Kolkata by Vaidya

Quote: One cannot miss the huge, beautiful structure on the way from Kolkata to Raichak. The place is Sarisha, and the structures are the temples, schools, nursing college, etc., all maintained by the students of Ramakrishna Mission.

Sarisha satisfied us spiritually and physically

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Whenever we would go to Kolkata from Raichak or were on our way back, we felt that these monuments were inviting us. We would see the big market – looked like a village market – not so interesting, but there were regular crowds and cars, taxis, etc., in front of one of the sweet shops. The boys from the housekeeping section told us that some of the sweets in the sweet shop at Sarisha were very good. Adventurous and inquisitive as we were, we decided to give it a try. One fine evening, we took the bus from Raichak and got down at Sarisha. Later on, we came to know that the stop is called Ashram Mod. The temple and the boys’ school are in one complex. The girls’ school, nursing college, etc., are par...Read More