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Summer Weekend in Chicago

A July 2005 trip to Chicago by Andrew

Wrigley Field Photo, Chicago, Illinois More Photos
Quote: To escape a suffocating hot summer in New York, I took a weekend to visit Chicago for the first time. Well, it turns out Chicago gets pretty hot too. But at least it offers some room to stretch out.

Wrigley Field

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Wrigley Field Photo, Chicago, Illinois
Once upon a time, it was common for baseball stadiums to have character. Outfield fences, for instance, used to be fun -- asymmetrical, sharply and inexplicably angled, sometimes really tall, sometimes really far away. Wrigley field, home of the Chicago Cubs, is one of the last of these old parks -- and is perhaps the most distinctive. While most modern parks have padded walls, to protect the multi-million dollar outfielders who are most likely to run into them, Wrigley's famous walls are made of brick. And covered in ivy, in which the ball is sometimes lost. There's no giant scoreboard to offer instant replays, highlights from other games, or (especially) ads. And no retractable roof to prev...Read More

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